“Making the Most and Best Use of Eggs”: Producer-Consumers, Modernist Labor Periodicals, and the Rhetoric of The Farmer’s Wife

Erin M. Andersen

The following project is a remediation of an interactive presentation given during the CWSHRC New Work Showcase at the 2015 CCCC in Tampa, FL.

In order to continue the interactive work of the New Work Showcase, I've designed this remediation of “Making the Most and Best Use of Eggs” in a way that, I hope, inspires a participatory conversation with its audience. The articles are curated here based both on their importance to my larger argument and on their featured position in the individual issues of the periodicals in order to offer a general overview of the labor-related rhetorical framework I am addressing. Below, you’ll find a linked pathway that will help you navigate through my reading of this work. However, I encourage you to explore the WordPress-based timeline chronologically as well, or to examine the images and articles collected here in an order that makes sense to you. The images and links throughout the timeline will take you to PDF or JPEG versions of the articles that can be enlarged for easier viewing. Commentary connected to my narrative can be found linked at the bottom of the appropriate pages.

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