from installation to remediation

From Installation to Remediation

CWSHRC Digital New Work Showcase
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The Story of Fran and Priscilla

An oral history of unwed motherhood.
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"Making the Most of Eggs":
Producer-Consumers, Modernist Labor Periodicals, and the Rhetoric of The Farmer’s Wife

Reading labor politics in a ladies magazine.
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Casting Aurora in a New Light:
Genocide, Geopolitics, and Transnationalism

Seeking rhetorical agency in survival and stardom.
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Open Secret: Selling Sex in the Silver Valley

Situating sex work in the history of a small town.
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An Overview of Digital Feminist Scholarship (2005-2014):
Methods and Methodologies

Visualizing feminist interventions in digital scholarship.
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Pioneering Feminisms in Lebanon and the Middle East: A Timeline

Reading Al-Raida for histories of Arab feminisms.

Doing It All The Time:
A Queer Consent Workshop

Making spaces for queer consent of all kinds.
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"All in Together Girls": Black Women Make Online Community, not War, Over Beyoncé and Feminism

An analysis of constructive online controversies
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Conscious Cleansing:
Rhetorics of Reconciliation and Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries

A government's apology alters rhetorical spaces.
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(Cross)Dressing for Civil War: Rhetorical Traditions that Disrupt Gender Norms

Rethinking gender within American Civil War memoirs.
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Authors and Abstracts